Superman’s useless, and his adopted planet is lacking him one thing fierce.

Crime is up. Hope is down. Batman’s doing his greatest to maintain Gotham in line, however he is just one man in a cape.

Then one evening, as Batman takes down one more petty, unrepentant thief, one thing else crashes the occasion—a winged, toothy, interloper. And when Batman corrals him along with his handy-dandy utility-belt internet, the factor simply … melts?

The felony—briefly forgotten—pipes up.

“They know he is useless, proper?” he asks. “The place does that depart us?”

The place certainly. Batman, for all his nifty devices and crime-fighting gizmos and honed fight expertise, is only a man, and a man getting extra grey hairs by the minute. If this flying monster is the start of an invasion, batarangs will not be sufficient to cease it. This can be a job for Superman, certainly. Or it might be, if Supes wasn’t so useless.

Batman chats the matter over with Marvel Girl, who tells him a fairly disturbing story.

In an age gone, a foul ‘un named Steppenwolf harnessed the huge energy of three mysterious containers to just about destroy and remake the world. Solely an alliance of just about each human, god and demigod of the time stopped Steppenwolf, slapped him on a metaphorical magic carpet and despatched him far, far-off.

However the containers weren’t really easy to do away with. Now, it appears, they’ve mysteriously begun waking up, and Steppenwolf appears to have returned as effectively.

With no Man of Metal to depend on, Batman and Marvel Girl put a staff collectively—a staff of super-powered people who simply may be capable of gradual Steppenwolf’s roll. However the of us Batman has in thoughts maintain just about to themselves.

Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, spends most of his time not simply undercover, however underwater. Barry Allen, quickly to be referred to as The Flash, stays out of sight more often than not, too, the one exceptions being when he goes to go to his incarcerated father. As for Victor Stone—effectively, most everybody simply thinks the child’s useless. Solely these with entry to a Bat Laptop know he is not solely alive, however half machine, skulking and pouting round his dad’s house.

No, they don’t seem to be a very sociable lot—which makes them quite a bit like Batman himself. However the Darkish Knight is aware of that in the event that they hope to save lots of the world, they’re going to must work collectively. In any case, it isn’t just like the man within the purple cape can save the planet this time.